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Charitable remainder trusts combine a lifetime income for one or more private individuals with a committed charitable bequest. They are powerful tools that enjoy unique income, estate and gift tax advantages.

Life Fund Services works in partnership with legal, financial, and insurance professionals to help individuals use charitable remainder trusts to achieve a variety of financial, philanthropic and estate planning objectives that include:

  • Avoiding capital gains taxes on the sale of appreciated assets
  • Getting immediate tax savings from a planned charitable bequest
  • Deferring income taxes on distributions to beneficiaries from qualified pension plans (IRA, Keogh, 401(k), etc.) after the death of the owner
Life Fund Services offers a comprehensive package of administration services which allows a donor, a charitable organization, or other non-professional to serve as trustee of a charitable remainder trust, maintaining control of the trust and its investments. Our independent trust administration gives a donor the widest possible choice of trust investments and investment management advisors.
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